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  Dip N Rolls is a family owned and operated first class deli & café in downtown  Silver Spring, MD. The cafe is         named after our chef’s childhood nickname “Roll”and her delicious dips. Since she is short, chubby and very             “rounded”, she was fondly nicknamed “Roll”.

 “Roll” worked as Financial Controller for several corporations,   big & small. She had witnessed corruptions, dishonesty and the way people were treated in the financial world. When she finally had enough, she quit her job at one of the America’s largest beverage  distributor to follow her  heart’s desire.

  Walking through downtown Silver Spring is one of her favorite activities.  “Roll” discovered that Silver Spring is    lacking fresh, local and affordable food. Yes, Silver Spring is home to many restaurants of  different ethnic               cuisines but either you cannot afford them or if you can, they do not meet your expectations.

  Dip N Rolls opens its door for everyone, regardless of who you are and how much you make. You will be treated     with respect and above all, you will be served with real food, we will provide the nutrition that Mother Earth         intended to give us in order to live a healthy life.

  We use hand trimmed lean meats, all fresh ingredients, canola & olive oil,  no trans fat, no fructose corn syrup  when preparing your food. We would like to be “Your  Kitchen” NOT “your restaurant”.  Please come and join us   for a tasty, nutritious  and delicious breakfast or lunch that will help you get through your day.